GIORGIO ARMANI Ginza Tower Efficiency of construction

2008 / Ginza, Tokyo

Designed by Massimiliano Fuksas Architetto(Rome), Kuriyama Commercial Space Institute(Osaka)




Prosper Material has been adopted by Armani Ginza Tower.

Instead of the original Italian design demanded to open in the laser holes of "leaf pattern of bamboo" in 2mm thick stainless steel panel, in order to clear the terms and conditons of weight of the panel, efficiency of construction, cost and delivery, we have proposed alternative plan to make the aluminum panel with punching after the vibration treatment of the surface and has been adopted.

Curved aluminum panel with punching holes was used in the Armani restaurant is evaluated breadth and beauty of the light from the top, it was introduced as an illustration of illumination full of originality in the lighting industry magazine of Germany.

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