2014 / Shibuya, Tokyo

Designed by Giorgio Armani(Milan), Studio Kappa(Tokyo)


Giorgio Armaniのサインは、竹筒模様の異なるサイズのステンレス板(1.5mm厚)を、ピン角(緩み、ダレのないカド)にこだわったレーザーカットで製作しました。またシカルプレーナー加工したステンレス鏡面の板面に、竹筒模様をクリーンルームでシルクスクリーン印刷を行った結果、パーフェクトな仕上がりになりました。


Although the Armani store property came also provide several times our systems and bespoke goods so far, due to quite this new design, it was the first property in the world. Theme is how going to embody the various designs that are deployed with the image of "bamboo" that Mr. Armani is preferred.

Sign of Giorgio Armani, the different sizes of stainless steel plate of bamboo pattern by 1.5mm thick, sharp and clean angle was produced with a laser cut.

In addition to the plate surface of the special processing of stainless mirror surface, as a result of the silk screen printing in a clean room in a bamboo pattern made them finished perfectly.

Hanger support is a fabricated piano paint finish is causing the mold upper odd-shaped pipe of the instep round at 25mm square × 25mm square, gave also mounting. There is also a fact that the new design, but the delivery time basis a series of specification confirmation of Italy headquarters was a very hard thing, as a result of all employees of our company has worked with full force, including the Armani in its maturity, from everyone of relationship we've received the word and the high evaluation of gratitude.

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