2008 / Milan, Italy / New York, USA

Designed by Curiosity(Tokyo)






Well known interior designer worldwide, Mr.Gwenael Nicolas exhibited "LIGHT-LIGHT" to the Milan Salone in April 2008, and we co-sponsored exhibited items.

On the steel box 250mm diameter, a steel tube sized 30mm diameter stands straightly and height is 1350mm. All parts have been painted in black. Place the ball of Styrofoam 30mm diameter on top of the steel tube, rely on the LED lighting from the bottom of the tube, in the program along and then blown from the bottom of the tube.

By repeating the blowing ON / OFF in a different program, in a dark hall, dimly white illuminated ball in the LED light is falling down slowly after lifted floaty is a strange sight that lands on the pipe It has spread. And the ball is lifted one after another in the time difference along the steel column of 8 × 10 rows are arranged in 1000mm interval is landing soon, also quite ball is a time difference of random to separate the tube, up down in the height difference since then the movement, such as, do not get tired of watching how much.

Some girls in elementary school in Milan attended every day, has become one of the exhibition hall a collection of this year most attention. We were now in charge of the production of steel pipe made of poles and steel box, we challenge the challenge of air sent by the blower does not leak at all. The accuracy of the fitting portions of the assembly type of pole and box is required in order, it is possible to respond to it, we can gladly very.

The continued when was exhibited at the ICFF2008, which was held in May 2008 (International Contemporary Furniture Fair), we saw four exhibition this "LIGHT-LIGHT" in our booth. It was exhibition in bright there is a constraint that can not darken the venue, but in spite of it is seen gimmick, strange movement of the ball up and down in the air is so still minus the interest, of everyone who was coming to the trade fair attention was attracted.

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