23-KU Tokyo Daimaru

2009 / Tokyo station, Tokyo

Designed by Onward Creative Center




Prosper Point System has been adopted in the floor of exhibition space at the store of 23-KU(means 23 wards) in Tokyo Daimaru department store.

By utilizing Point System, as a simple center furniture, it's possible to increase the exhibition space making stand hangers in any position.

Point Base will be installed at regular intervals directly on the floor for the vertical stand. By put a panel of removable, can respond to change as a entertainment venue of Entetsu department store in Shizuoka prefecture.

As exhibition space that takes advantage of the floor area of ​​the showroom, as a movable exhibition space in the museum, so you can take advantage of the floor that was difficult to use until now depending on the idea, such as, we are waiting for a consultation.

Used System

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