We are pleased to introduce a totally new store system.
"Prosper EL-Plug in System" is a revolutionary power system which can take electric power from the "slit width 5mm" so that the presence of conductive rail is minimized, shelves can be attached and removed with one touch action, and the functional mechanism is completely inconspicuous.


本シリーズはサポートから照明棚への通電を、電気工事を伴うことなく、棚の着脱によりON / OFFが簡単にできる機能を持つ“ELワンタッチコネクター”を使って“仕掛けが見えない機能”の特性を生かし、弊社オリジナルの各ELシステム(ELドット・ELライン・EL-ワンダーライン・EL-Vライン)に応用したシリーズです。

We are pleased to introduce a new electric related 【Prosper EL-Plug in Series】.
Using "EL-One Touch Connector", there is the function easily to turn ON / OFF the electricity from the support to the lighting shelf by attaching / detaching the shelf without electrical work.
It’s a series that is applied to each of our original electrical systems (EL-Dot, EL-Wonder Line, EL-V Line, EL-Line) by making full use of the characteristics of "functions invisible to devices".



By delivering the All Weather SUS Ion Plating Pipe (Vibration Bronze) to the facade of the Okura Tokyo at Toranomon, Minatoku, we were able to play a very important role in producing the "face" of one of the top-class hotel in Tokyo.
Also “astec roller guide fitting b.1000” and a glass frame made of custom made extruded aluminum were also adopted.



Recently, we launched the "Prosper EL-Plug-In Wall System" as a new product.
The "Prosper EL Wonder Line System" has been adopted in the inside shop of the "Yoshiro Taniguchi / Yoshio Taniguchi Memorial Kanazawa Construction Museum" designed by Mr.Yoshio Taniguchi, Taniguchi and Associates.



Recently, we launched the "Prosper EL-Plug-In Wall System" as a new product.
The illuminated shelf looks like a fixed shelf, but it is movable.
It is cordless that the wiring of the lighting can’t be seen, and since only the shelf board can be attached and detached with one-touch action, handling is easy at the stores.
The ultimate electrification system has been completed without the presence of functions.


2007年にワン・バイ・ワンセレクションの第一弾として国内市場に初紹介をさせて頂きました、デンマークのハードウェアメーカー、 FROST A/Sがこの度総合カタログ「FROST DENMARK II」を発行しました。
なおFROST A/Sのウェブページでもご覧頂けますので、上記に掲載の写真をクリックしてお試しください。

The first introduction to the domestic market as the first in the One by One Selection in 2007, Danish hardware maker FROST A / S has published a comprehensive catalog "FROST DENMARK II".
Not only conventional bathroom accessories but also many products suitable for office, home and hotel are listed.
We are ready to deliver it to you, so please let us know if you have any requests.
You can also view them on the FROST A / S web page, so please click on the photos above.
Regarding pricing please refer website.


長崎市最大の繁華街、浜町アーケードの浜せんビル4階の「RAKU GALLERY=樂ギャラリー」で、「プロスパーELシーリングラインシステム」が採用されました。


Prosper EL-Ceiling Line System was adopted at "RAKU GALLERY" on the 4th floor of the Hamasen Building located at Hamamachi Arcade in the biggest downtown area in Nagasaki.
It is innovative design to attach the EL-Ceiling Line Base normally set in the ceiling in a grid pattern over the entire surface of the ceiling in a way to show it daringly.
The display panels are flexibly set in the EL-Ceiling Line Base and EL-Ceiling LED Spotlight 24V mounted everywhere illuminates the exhibit.
As a variety of event spaces, the gallery will be able to make effective multi-purpose use, and we have received high evaluation from all concerned parties.

Designed by Lo Spazio, Constructed by Yours Associate, Shot by Fujinari Miyazaki, contrast inc.



”Prosper Wonder Line System” was adopted at ”Nijushi-Sekki” (a tool store around food = a select shop for kitchenware) located at Jiyugaoka in Meguro Ward, Tokyo.
Wonder Line Limited Single Support is installed in the same 5 mm vertical joint as the tile's sideways, and the wooden shelf is firmly supported by the Wonder Line Single Wood Shelf Bracket in a completely inconspicuous form.
It is a very excellent design shop making full use of the features of this system.


「第39回2018日本BtoB広告賞」 金賞を受賞

弊社の新総合カタログ「ONE BY ONE PROSPER SYSTEM Vol.3」が、第39回2018日本BtoB広告賞」の「製品カタログ<総合>の部」で金賞を受賞しました。



Received "39th 2018 Japan B to B Advertising Award" Gold Award

Our new comprehensive catalog "ONE BY ONE PROSPER SYSTEM Vol. 3" was awarded the Gold Medal in the "Product Catalog Department" of the 39 th 2018 Japan B to B Advertising Award.

Japan B to B advertisement award (sponsored by Japan Advertising Association) is a comprehensive contest for Japan's only B to B advertising tool. The appealability, originality, design, production technology, etc. as a B to B communication tool were comprehensively judged.

Our new comprehensive catalog is a culmination of "original products" that we have been developing our own products since our company was founded in 1998, and can be used for creative "realizing space beauty" that everyone will imagine in the future.


1/9/2018 (09-01-2018)

設計を担当したニューヨークのPeter Marino Architectのウェブサイトで紹介されています。


LED Free Angle Line Light has been applied at the flagship store of Louis Vuitton, Vendome in Paris.
This achievement is introduced in the website of Peter Marino Architect, New York, U.S.A.

Please check and see details of LED Free Angle Line Light at the following One by One site.