The Okura Tokyo

2019 / Minatoku, Tokyo

Designed by Taniguchi and Associates






A mock-up inspection of the new construction of The Okura Tokyo at Toranomon, Minatoku shows that the stainless steel ion-plated pipe has a dull shine when exposed to the blinds and the outside of the room when viewed from inside.
Verification of "translucency", installation of several items selected in color and finish at the actual construction site, nighttime application of LED light to examine how light spreads, finally surface treatment and color has been decided "Vibration Bronze" of the All Weather SUS Ion Plating Pipe.

After that, various in-house experiments and verifications were repeated, and the finished product, 8000 pieces of stainless steel pipes were installed on the façade of the hotel.

Inside, the Astec Roller Guide Fitting b.1000 which can easily move 26 large glass doors (1200 x 2400 x 19mm thick) on the second floor of the Prestige Tower by using only the upper and lower rails, is adopted, and Nouvel Epoch(French restaurant) on the 5th floor of the Heritage Wing uses a glass frame made of custom made extruded aluminum (Champagne Gold finish).

Sunshine in the daytime and LED light in the nighttime, stainless steel iron-plated pipes change the expression in various ways, and by playing the role for the "face" of Tokyo's leading luxury hotel, we got a very high reputation from Mr. Yoshio Taniguchi, The Okura Tokyo, Taisei Construction and others related to this project.

Refer to P373-374 in general catalogue for Stainless Steel Ion Plating

Refer to P455 for Astec Roller Guide Fitting b.000.

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