Entetsu Department Store

2011 / Hamamatsu, Shizuoka

Designed by Takashimaya Space Creates(Tokyo)





Prosper Point System is adopted at the entertainment floor in Entetsu department store in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture.

49 pc. of < the a href = "http://www.onebyone.ne.jp/products/details.php?pr_id=67"> Point Base were embedded at intervals of 900mm on the floor.

Point Support which is attached to the tip of the aluminum pole of the 45 corners that plugs into Point Base in it is taking taper, so you can connect or disconnect the pole necessary depending on the entertainment.

The height of the pole is 2100mm, and self-reliance in a stable state with only plug in Point Base. More you stable and mount the exhibition panel of W900 × H1800mm a magnet where required.

Point-based, so it can be installed in OA floor, can also be used as an office for the partition to be changed freely layout by the increase or decrease of the personnel. The height of the independent Paul has received a rating that is a breakthrough despite the blur is less certain 2100mm.

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