Daikoku Denki

2011 / Nakano, Tokyo

Designed by Hakusuisha(Tokyo)





For the partition and the entrance door, Prosper LED Glass has been adopted at Tokyo Design Studio of Daikoku Denki Co., Ltd.

LED Glass is a display glass which LED was placed in film and sandwiched between two sheets of glass with PVB plastic sheet which will be melted, become clear and adhered two sheets of glass firmly after thermo-compression by the cave.

This time, because a lot of number of LED by the intention of the designer has been used, and it was impossible to set between 2 sheets of glass, we used 3 sheets of glass. Between the upper glass and the center glass, set low density LEDs, and between the center glass and bottom glass, set high density LEDs.

By carrying out the time difference between flashing LED using a controller at the same time, very unique LED glass rich in change and movement is complete, we were able to complete the entrance memorable.

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