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Prosper Point System has been developed by its own ideas and metal precision processing technology.
Usage is first embedded the base to the stage or floor. And if fills the base at regular intervals when
used with such entertainment venue, mobility is up. The base is not used does not stand out by stick the cover.
It was cut with a taper to the tip, just plug innocence of shaft excellent based on the fitting compatibility,
the shaft firmly independence without causing even shaking (maximum length 2100mm=6.89’).
Just crawl the panel with a magnet between the shaft, the space in accordance with the purpose easy to
handle in a short time. If the event period is finished, remove the panel, also make it easy to
then withdraw since it out if rotation of the shaft.
It can be used Prosper Point System as a partition with mobility in the office.
Since office layout changes easily performed in accordance with the staff of the increase or decrease,
during the design of new office, or certainly please examine this system during renovation of the existing office.