FANCL Hong Kong concept store 

2008 / Hong Kong

Designed by Curiosity(Tokyo)

香港のアートディレクターのアラン・チャン氏(ALAN CHAN DESIGN CO.)とキュリオシティ(渋谷)のデザイナー、グエナエル・ニコラ氏の設計で、ファンケル香港コンセプトストアーの商品展示用のアルミシェルフを製作しました。



Mr.Alan Chan of Alan Chan Design Co. in Hong Kong and Mr.Gwenael Nicolas of Curiosity Inc.(Tokyo) collabolated in design for FANCL Hong Kong concept store and we produced custom made aluminum shelves for this project.

Aluminum shelf of special shape by extrusion molding, drilling or cutting is subjected to machining processing, after further bead blasting the surface, finished with anodized. As a result, the level of aluminum shelf becomes uniform, and finish in sharp precision machining, officials, we have received high praise from clients.

Since our company with respect to extrusion of aluminum among the bespoke hardware has experience and extensive experience, please send us a consultation when having problems with your new properties.

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