EMPORIO ARMANI (Aluminum Louver)

2013 / Omotesando, Tokyo

Designed by Giorgio Armani(Milan), Studio Kappa(Tokyo)




Bespoke aluminum louver has been adopted by Emporio Armani (Oak Omotesando,Tokyo).

We've made the aluminum louver of Eagle mark of Emporio Armani logo on the facade, two-sided, facing the street. In order to conform to the shape of the logo, the cutting point of louver is different each. So we paid attention to make cutting operation carefully each by each.

Louvers are made by square tube sized 25 × 105mm(0.98" x 4.13"), the overall width of 11.7m, a height of 5.4m. 1200 tubes as a whole is quantity, total amount of aluminum was up to 6t.

Louver performs cutting by computer control, and were also produced acrylic cover accordingly. To work a fitting part of the louver and acrylic cover to be perfect match and took the time, and we performed them perfectly and we had high evaluation from the client for its maturity.

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