Nissan Global Headquarters Gallery

2009 / Yokohama, Kanagawa

Designed by Fumita Design Office(Tokyo)

Fumita Design Officeの文田明仁氏とのコラボレーションでプロスパーアルラインシステムを新規開発し、日産グローバル本社ショールームおよびブティックに納入しました。




With collaboration of Fumita Design Office, Prosper AL Line System has been developed with Mr.Akihito Fumita, and we could delivered many AL LIne System parts for Nissan Global Headquarters showrooms and boutiques in Yokohama.

On top of the AL Main Rail of the original light gray aluminum in the showroom, the BlueRail Cover should be used, to represent the appearance that the car runs cuts through the blue sky and clouds.

In addition, the boutique has been unified the Main Rail and outer parts in red, making it the design to attract the human eye, which was visited by the color contrast of the store of light gray of the Main Rail.

In roles, in the design force and our functional ideas and technical capabilities of the designers, the new system was not in industry until this has been developed.

We are looking forward to new consultation from the designers.

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