COMPOLUX Seibu Shibuya

2013 / Shibuya, Tokyo

Designed by nendo(Tokyo), Photographed by Masaya Yoshimura

COMPOLUX=Contemporary(現代の) + Luxury(贅沢)






COMPOLUX in Seibu Shibuya B-Hall 3F Ladies clothing area is an area that handle about 20 overseas luxury brand in the motif "park". So that it can adapt to changes in the future of the brand structure, floor of fixed furniture, a large furniture is waste, has become a revolutionary design that consists of a movable floor fixtures and ceiling fixtures.
COMPOLUX=Contemporary + Luxury

Receiving of the request "hang 100kg(221lbs.) of diplay fxitures from the ceiling" from the designer, we proposed newly developed Prosper Ceiling System , then did load-bearing test and strength test in our facility together with the designer and related person.

Since the result was good and confirmed, we were able to develop a system that hanging fixtures t from the ceiling. Even called site from many other designers who saw a "strange space", it has attracted a lot of attention along with the surprise of voice.

First there is an ideal design, it is good practice that achieves our definition that is "realization of space beauty".

Using Prosper EL Ceiling Line System you can ensure power supply from electric code in the 25 square pipe, or used as LED under cabinet lighting in the air, such as also illuminates the required location attach Prosper EL Ceiling LED spotlight to ceiling, wider variation of design.

We are waiting for suggestions of the design for Prosper EL Ceiling System.

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