Roppongi Hills Residence

2003 / Roppongi, Tokyo

Designed by Mori Building Co.,Ltd.(Tokyo) / G2 Design Studio(Tokyo)





Prosper Sliding System has been developed by spending two years from 2001 in the wake of the inquiries of Roppongi Hills Residence Property in the system, after the mock-up completed formally adopted is determined, we were able to supply 434 sliding doors in 2003.

High-rise buildings, there is a height restriction of design on one floor, living space will need to show a high ceiling even a little to reverse. Come to ceiling space that the toll is not visible to the eye, the height of the ceiling of the sliding door mounting portion is restricted in only 50mm(1.97"). By using of the very compact industrial parts "LM Guide System", as well as hanging the sliding glass door of 150kg, we are able to achieve a smooth motion.

General sliding door' moving mechanism is related to rollers or belt. These doors is smooth to move, but too light, so runs fast without stopping.

Our sliding doors are not too run, you can open and close while maintaining a moderate speed.

"Barrier-free" which means there is "No rail" on the floor and "Maintenance-free" which means "No maintainance" is needed because frictional heat by a roller or belt is not generated as no roller or belt are used. Small ball bealings in Direct action mechanism makes Maintenance-free, and our functionality challenges was accepted by Mori Building Co., Ltd. and related people.

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