EuroShop 2005

2005 / Duesseldorf, Germany

Designed by One by One Co., Ltd.






また会場ではドイツ製のLEDグラスが展示されており、輸入を開始しました。この商品は2枚のガラスの間にLEDを埋め込み点灯させるというシンプルなものですが、製造技術的には、それなりの設備を要し、大型サイズになると製造が難しくなります。現在弊社では価格面、納期面で優位性のある台湾のPolytron Technology, Inc.と契約を結び輸入行っています。

A person who worked for Sharp and introduced to take part in " Kansai Fair in Milan " introduced famous German product designer Mr.Fritz Frenkler.

Mr.Frenkler is the person who had been the chief judge of IF Design Award. He visited us and looked a large-scale aluminum table, he designed own table, desk and benches at later days.

We asked him the trade fair in Europe for our handling products, and knew EuroShop is suitable for the purpose. This fair will be held six month later, therefore we decided to apply this fair at once.

We gained some know-how by "Kansai Fair in Milan 2004", according to the size of the venue of the booth, it gave a production of hurry exhibition panel. EuroShop is all kinds of products, the world's largest trade fair, which is held every three years for the service of the shop relationship.

Almost no participation of Japanese companies, but mainly European and American companies. In our booth, "shiny shelf" of the Prosper EL Line System has attracted attention. Orders from Spain of the store system supplier was the specific harvest in this trade fair.

Completeness of the commodity (degree of processing, finishing) as compared from our products to the European goods, as the level of parts of store industry to recognize that it is in the world's highest level includes, but also we were impressed quality-oriented production is very important to compete with worldwide competitive products.

Also Prosper LED Glass made in Germany has been displayed at the fair. This product is as simple as turning on embedding the LED between two sheets of glass, but in manufacturing technical, requires a decent equipment, manufacturing to be a large size makes it difficult. We started to import LED Glass from Germany, then because of some of advantages in price and delivery term, started to import LED Glass from Polytron Technologies, Inc. in Taiwan now.

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