The Doves

2006 / Santa Monica, California, U.S.A.

Designed by DLR Group WWCOT(Santa Monica, California, U.S.A.)

2006年5月にニューヨークで開催されたICFF2006(国際現代家具見本市)に初出展の際、ブースで出会ったWWCOTのデザイナーがプロスパーELラインシステムに興味を示されたので、後日事務所を訪問しました。その後話が進展してロスアンゼルス近郊のサンタモニカのヘアサロン「The Doves」内のショップでの採用が決定され、見本市出展がきっかけとなったアメリカでの成約物件第1号となりました。



When first exhibited at the ICFF2006 which was held in New York (International Contemporary Furniture Fair) in May 2006, we met the designer of WWCOT at the booth and he was interested in Prosper EL Line System .

Later we visited his office in Los Angeles and he adopted this system at the hair salon " The Doves " in Santa Monica. This was the first experience for us to supply our system to US.

Lighting edge of shelves from the wall has become the eye-catching of the customer.

LED's power supply is a low-voltage AC adapter, which is installed in a location that is not visible, this AC adapter is certified by UL, CE and PSE.

EL Line Base has been approved by UL too.

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