Screw Force Engine One by One Head Office

2012 / Higashi-Osaka,Osaka

Designed by One by One Co.,Ltd.




Screw Force Engine has achieved a breakthrough energy-saving effect and the space saving by adopting the screw method of the new development to the driving section of the automatic door.

Drive unit(Screw-Linear System) is maintenance-free. Introduction cost is a little more expensive in comparison with the conventional system, however considering maintenance cost after installation, total cost will reverse within 3.5 years compared to full maintenance for conventional system, and within 6.5 years compared to regular inspection only for conventional system.

Because the high efficiency screw drive, you can reduce 90% of power compared with the power consumption at the time of door opening and closing operations in conventional belt system.

Since it is a compact design that also fit into existing sash (140mm×62mm), it can be installed in the refreshing impression. The drive by the power-saving motors, shock by opening and closing is mitigated. Also for emergency situation, you can open and close without stress manually at any time of the event of a power failure.

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